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Here at Long Grove Community Church we’ve been very blessed with our current Senior Pastor, but he has decided to retire in the next year.  Thus, we are beginning the search for his successor.

Long Grove Community Church, where the Bible is taught to be the infallible Word of God and Jesus is proudly proclaimed as Savior and Lord, is searching for their next Senior Pastor. 

Founded in the mid-1840s, Long Grove Community Church (LGCC) is a mid-size non-denominational church located in Long Grove, IL, a historical village nestled in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  LGCC has a rich history as a scripturally centered church that lives out its faith by reaching out to others in tangible ways. Our mission is to impact our world by making disciples through Loving God, Living the Word, and Serving People.

We strive to make an impact for Christ by being a family-friendly community where every generation is passionate about loving and worshipping God.  We connect with one another through small groups, support and encourage authenticity and spiritual growth and are eager to love and serve others by reaching out in ministries that ultimately encourage others to love Jesus.  We are committed to empowering leaders and volunteers for ministry so that both “the served” and “the servants” are transformed by the Holy Spirit’s work. 

As Senior Pastor of this Elder led church, this person is responsible for teaching and shepherding a diverse flock.  Candidates must have a minimum of five years of pastoral experience, have a deep knowledge of and clearly preach the Word of God, have a passion for outreach and discipleship, and have a vision to grow the church and share God’s word in its community. 

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Senior Pastor Job Description/Role and Responsibilities


"Our mission is to impact our world by making disciples through

Loving God, Living the Word, and Serving People."


Overview of the Position

1. General Responsibilities

With our mid-size congregation, the Pastor is the primary leader and change agent of the church.  We are Elder led with the Senior Pastor considered to be the Primary Teaching Elder.

The Senior Pastor of LGCC will lead the church in executing its vision through:

  • Regular Sunday morning preaching and teaching
  • Reaching out to and attracting new members with an emphasis on young families in order to provide for the future life of the church while respecting the current culture and traditions of our church.
  • Modeling outreach and discipleship
  • Provide counsel, support and servant leadership for staff and lay personnel
  • Provide Pastoral counseling and oversee Pastoral care
  • Responsible for the operations of the church (facility oversight, budget management and administration)
  • Build coalitions and partnerships with other area churches and community organizations which complement the mission of LGCC


2. Preaching, Teaching, Outreach and Discipleship

  • The Senior Pastor must be a strong communicator of God’s Word through highly effective pulpit ministry. The Senior Pastor is expected to be in the pulpit at least 40 of 52 Sundays.
  • In addition, theologically the Senior Pastor must be willing to work under the auspices of the Statement of Faith and Constitution of LGCC.  The Statement of Faith may be found hereon the LGCC website. 


3. Shepherding/Nurturing & Leadership Development

The Senior Pastor is to model a lifestyle of discipleship, including meeting regularly with the church leadership and investing in their lives.

The majority of our Pastoral Care is provided through our pastoral staff, elders and life group ministry. The Senior Pastor is expected to personally follow-up with new visitors and other guests.

Senior Pastor Profile

The Senior Pastor of LGCC will be a pastor-teacher, shepherding the diverse flock in this suburban church. The candidate will have a deep knowledge of and clearly preach the Word of God, a passion for outreach and discipleship, and a talent for envisioning and implementing strategies of growth in the church and community.

Spiritual Gifts and Strengths:

As the Bible teaches us that the Holy Spirit endows certain gifts for the betterment of the Body, we desire that the candidate demonstrate evidence of gifting in:

  • Pastor-Teacher (Eph 4:11)
  • Leadership (Rom 12:8)


In addition, the Pastoral candidate should demonstrate spiritual strengths in

  • Administration (1 Cor 12:28)
  • Exhortation (Rom 12:8)
  • Hospitality (Rom 12:13)
  • Wisdom (1 Cor 12:8)
  • Humility (John 13:1-16)



In the New Testament, the Pastor is considered an elder. We expect that the successful candidate will meet the requirements for eldership as set forth in Titus 1 & 1 Timothy 3.

Additionally, the successful candidate will demonstrate the following:

  • A vital walk with Jesus Christ evidenced by faithfulness, passion, and an appreciation for God’s glorious grace.
  • A gift and a passion for preaching the eternal, inerrant, and unalterable Word of God as revealed in the Old and New Testaments.
  • Practices personal one-on-one evangelism and discipleship and be committed to equipping others to do the same.
  • Be committed to small groups (what we call LIFE groups) as a key strategy for church growth and discipleship.
  • A heart for outreach ministry and a willingness to partner with existing outside ministries that complement the mission of LGCC.
  • Is an authentic communicator, easy to understand, down-to-earth and willing to share personal experiences from his heart and life.
  • Is willing to accept input from those they are leading, as well as be appropriately transparent with the many, and intimately transparent and accountable with a few.
  • Displays a track record of effective time and personal management, leadership, and professionalism and has developed a personal model for Gospel-driven productivity.
  • Be actively seeking to lead their family in the pursuit of faithfully walking with Christ. The Senior Pastor’s family should be supportive of God’s call on their life.


Education and Experience:

  • A degree in a theological discipline is preferred from an evangelical recognized institution of higher learning.
  • A minimum of five years of pastoral experience.
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