FTPD - December 1, 2019

December 1, 2019

Christmas Greetings,

I want to take this opportunity to wish you a very blessed Christmas season!  It is hard to believe that it is that time of year, but it is upon us in full swing. 

The typical signs are everywhere: the Christmas lights and figures in front yards, decorations adorning the inside of homes, the red buckets at the entrance to various stores, Christmas music playing in the mall, commercials that seek to entice us to buy that gift that will change someone's life.  These and many other symbols are in full view.  And with it the busyness that seems to overtake us as well.

However, if one stops just for a moment and listens carefully to the hustle and bustle of Christmas, you can hear mixed in with the music of busyness, the music of hope, joy, peace and love.  The very gifts that the Son of God brought to us when he arrived 2000 years ago as a baby in the manger.  He is the epitome and the author of true and lasting hope, joy, peace and love.  In his life, death and resurrection are these gifts found when we but believe upon him. 

That baby in the manger was and still is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and worthy of our faith and our worship. 

So I hope and pray that as you go about navigating the fast moving waters of this Christmas season, you will take time to consider the one whose coming we truly celebrate.  Take a few moments each day and think about the Savior of the world and reflect on his goodness, his mercy, and the gifts he seeks to give to you.  Worship him with a heart of humble gratefulness for who he is and for all he has done.  Give him a gift of time and reflection this year.

To assist you, I want to invite you to our Advent services.  At the end of this letter is the schedule for our Sunday services as well as our Christmas Eve services.  I hope you will join us at one of these if not all of them and join with others in their worship of the Christ of Christmas.

Also of special note is our Children's Christmas musical, C.A.K.E.  It is a Christmas story about kindness, which is our Advent theme this year - "Kindness Comes Down".  Join us for this very special time of celebrating the baby in the manger from the wide eyed perspective of children.

And for you ladies, please join other ladies at the LGCC annual Christmas Tea and Concert.  It is a festive event and the Lake Zurich High School choir will be performing once again.  Something not to be missed.

So take a look at the upcoming opportunities and let us be a part of your Christmas Season.

Blessed Christmas to all,

Pastor Bill

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